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Data Services Hero

Better Data Equals Better Results

Your customer data is the lifeblood of your marketing organization. Worldata helps to unlock the true value of your datasets and the marketing platforms you utilize. Our Data Services team is focused on data improvement, marketing application integration and custom database solutions. Worldata understands that the best way to find new customers is to understand more about your current customers.

Key Services

Data Maintenance, Improvement and Centralization

Your marketing database ecosystem is getting more complex every day. Marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, data license subscriptions, API integrations…the list can go on and on. Let the Data Services team at Worldata be the centralized backbone of your marketing database environment. Our focus on data standardization, application integration and data governance will allow you to get the full power out of the data you are collecting and tools you are utilizing.

Email Validation and Spam Trap Identification

Leverage our expertise in being able to identify a wide range of email-based threats. Worldata’s suite of services is the most comprehensive solution available to identify known problematic or non-deliverable email addresses. Non-Human Invalid Traffic, Recycled Spam Traps, Disposable email accounts, Recipient/Domain verification and much more.

Data Hygiene

Over 50 million businesses and consumers move each year. 32% of the professionals in your business contact database will change titles in the next 12 months. 37% of your consumer customers will have a major life event/financial status change this year. Let the team at Worldata help to keep your data accurate, updated and actionable for all your direct response marketing programs.

Data Profiling

Unlocking who your customer is will allow you to get more ‘share of wallet’ from them and understand how to better target prospects. Breaking down your contacts by job title, industry classifications, and employee size are only the start. Let Worldata dig deeper to uncover more about your datasets with nonstandard elements such as technology install, fastest growing companies, and so much more.

Merge Purge Processing

Successful marketing programs are reliant on sophisticated data processing. For over 40 years Worldata has been assisting marketers with merge/purge services. Our goal is to cut down on waste, identify the best possible prospects and ensure deliverability. CASS Certification, Address Standardization, Name Standardization and Address Type Identification are only the start of the process that our team employs to achieve the best possible outcome for your data processing needs.