Making your program more accountable

Acquisition email marketing

Fueling your success

New customers are what drive your company's success. Leveraging over 40 years of direct response media planning and buying, Worldata can help to achieve your targeted new customer acquisition marketing goals. Our focus is to help guide the use of your marketing dollars to the right media while leveraging our industry-leading best practice knowledgebase.

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Finding new opportunities

The growth of any company relies on reaching the right customers. At Worldata, we can help you broaden your search for new leads and pinpoint the most productive audiences. Lead generation isn’t guesswork; it’s a science. And we’ll use a more efficient and targeted effort to help you acquire active, qualified leads with the potential to develop into important customers.

Acquisition email marketing

Better data equals better results

Your customer data is the lifeblood of your marketing organization. Worldata helps to unlock the true value of your datasets. From advanced hygiene steps to eliminate ‘spam traps’, to sophisticated append programs that will unearth targetable elements of your customers, Worldata understands that the best way to find new customers is to understand more about your current customers.

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Delivering the right messages efficiently

Used smartly, email can be one of the most productive marketing tools you can use. Yet creating a program that reaches the right audience, drives the right response, and does so efficiently is an elusive task. Worldata can conduct a complete assessment of your company’s email marketing efforts. We’ll ensure that you’re following the latest best practices that we’ve compiled based on measuring thousands of programs. We’ll use that knowledge to fine-tune your efforts so your email campaigns will have a greater positive impact on your business.

Acquisition email marketing

More insights, better outcomes

When you know what your competitors are doing, it gives you the chance to build an even stronger program. Worldata is constantly tapped in to the email ecosphere. We have developed advanced systems that can monitor the programs your competitors are running. We can tell you what your competitors send, who they send it to, and how well it performs. It’s an incredible way to give you the upper hand in building your programs. It’s the kind of competitive advantage that will drive better outcomes.